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…We have a small favor to ask. Since the arrival of the pandemic, hundreds of people join us each week for on-line Zoom Tai Chi classes. In addition, The Barefoot Doctor’s Journal is now providing thousands of additional readers with accurate, evidence-based information on the latest findings in prevention, early intervention, rehabilitation, and integrative medicine. We are also being asked to provide many additional resources to our newer folks. We love and want to continue helping folks, but we are a “Mom and Pop Shop” and our programs are entirely funded by the generosity of our students and patients.

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Help us Play It Forward

As the U.S, enters a new phase in the pandemic, we are asking you to help support the programs you enjoy and thus support our ongoing efforts to create healthier communities.

Your gift will immediately help in our continued efforts to provide low-cost quality programming and services that address prevention, early intervention, and rehabilitation.

Some refer to us as masters which we humbly appreciate, but every one of you can master becoming a Tai Chi player. Many people practice Tai Chi Ch’uan, but there is a difference between practicing and playing any sport, and that goes for Tai Chi Ch’uan as well. 

So, you more committed folks who are helping us to play it forward with your donation, are now on your way to becoming “a real player.”


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