Barefoot Doctor’s Journal


Barefoot Doctor’s Journal

Get expert advice to help you alleviate pain and live healthy naturally.

A comprehensive guide to natural health and healing, the Barefoot Doctor’s Journal seeks to empower it’s readers to take control of their own health, find their own inspiration, help create healthier communities and share the adventure with whoever is interested.


Providing readers access to tools, information, and community resources, needed to stay healthy naturally.

The Journal offers readers a unique synthesis of modern science and credible, healthy lifestyle recommendations from the ancient wisdom of traditional medicine. Readers will find a wealth of information on topics including diet and exercise as medicine, t’ai chi, qigong, Traditional Chinese Medicine including acupuncture, herbal medicine, meditation, yoga, nature’s therapy, and more.

The Journal is supervised under an advisory board of doctors, acupuncturists, masters degree level fitness professionals and leading experts on health promotion and has loads of information to help members to take charge of their own health. Contributors to the blog are united in their desire to see that accurate, evidence-based information about health promotion and alternative medicine be available to all. 

Fueled by our deep conviction that a Barefoot Doctor model could increase participation in healthy lifestyles while reducing health care costs, we have set out to disseminate this message throughout the community by offering a variety of online education tools.

The objectives for the Journal are:

  • Increase awareness and knowledge of the preventive medicine techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Provides access to accurate, actionable health information that focuses on wellness rather than just fighting disease.
  • Supports life-long learning and skills to promote good health
  • Educate individuals on simple steps they can take in self-healing and prevention.
  • Build a supportive social environment in the community through art, music, and physical activity.
  • To support the practice of authentic acupuncture, t’ai-chi, qigong, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • To facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration between Western and Eastern medical communities.


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