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Lunar New Year 24


Here is an overview of the class/Workshop schedule:

January 2024 Educational and Cultural events

Week 1 Arts & Crafts. Jan. 2-7

Kick off the Year of the Dragon with our lively Arts & Crafts Week 1, taking place from January 2-6! Immerse yourself in creativity with engaging workshops covering dragon painting, lucky paper cutting, and lantern making. Special highlights include a captivating mythical story about the 12 animal zodiacs and an enchanting tale of the Lunar New Year. Join us for an immersive exploration and celebration of Asian artistic traditions!

Week 2 Immersive Stories. Jan. 8-14

Step into a world of tales and traditions during our Immersive Stories Week 2, running from January 7-13. Join a local artist to learn the art of painting an Asian landscape featuring a magnificent dragon. Don’t miss our special ‘Kung Fu Dumpling Class,’ where you’ll master 4-5 different ways to expertly fold dumplings, blending culinary arts with storytelling for an unforgettable experience. Discover the fascinating stories behind the lion dance and the rich traditions that accompany it. Witness a mesmerizing acrobatic performance by the lion dance group, providing insight into their training techniques. Participate in your own special training session on drums and lions. Embark on a journey through Asian heritage with us!

Week 3 Holistic Health, Mind, and Body. Jan. 14-20

Embark on a exploration of the science of well-being during our Holistic Health, Mind, and Body Week 3, running from January 14-20th. Immerse yourself in the world of Tai Chi, Qigong, and Chinese Medicine through insightful research discussions, hands-on workshops, and expert-led seminars. Engage in transformative sessions focusing on mind-body harmony, witnessing the seamless integration of ancient wisdom with modern healthcare insights. Join us on a journey of holistic health, dedicated to promoting balance and rejuvenation. Gain insights from masters of the art as they share techniques for healing and transformation of the body. Delve into the rich traditions and diverse martial arts practices. Connect with special instructors and discover the optimal ways to kickstart the year with good health. This week-long experience will encompass martial arts, acupuncture, calligraphy, and more, offering a comprehensive exploration of holistic well-being.

Week 4 Asian Culinary Traditions. Jan. 21-27

Indulge in the variety of Asian flavors during our Culinary Traditions Week 4, taking place from January 21-27! Join forces with the Mile High Asian Food Week team and Little Saigon Denver Team as they assemble a lineup of renowned local Asian chefs in Denver to share their stories and demonstrate the art of crafting special dishes for the Lunar New Year Holiday.

Participate in hands-on experiences and classes featuring delectable treats such as gimbap (Korean sushi), mandu (Korean dumplings), and the opportunity to create your own mochi. Connect with local chefs, hear their stories, and gain insight into the cooking experiences that shape their most beloved Lunar New Year dishes. Bake alongside two renowned Food Network pastry chefs, adding a sweet touch to your culinary journey. Immerse yourself in the art of Asian cuisine and uncover the diverse tapestry of tastes and traditions woven into every bite. This is the week you won’t want to miss out on!

Week 5 Asian Traditions and Culture. Jan. 28-31

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Asian Traditions and Cultures during Week 5, spanning from January 28th to February 3rd. Witness the vibrant Lion Dance and delve into the captivating stories behind Lions and Dragons. Experience the grace of Chinese and Vietnamese Cultural Dances, including the intricate Fan Dance. Engage in enlightening sessions on Feng Shui and Astrology on tips on how to start the year with a cleansing and shift of energy, and explore the artistry of Calligraphy from our famous artist. Join our team for a week of cultural enrichment set in the heart of the Little Saigon District. Learn about the diverse fashions of clothing from different countries that celebrate the holiday. Participate in hands-on activities such as decorating and painting on the traditional Vietnamese Non-la, also known as the rice paddy hat. This week is a unique opportunity to delve into the various traditions and cultures associated with the holiday. Seize the perfect moment to immerse yourself in these enriching experiences as you lead up to the Lunar New Year celebration.

Weeks 5/6 Lunar New Year Holiday Market & Celebrations Feb. 1-9

Lunar New Year Holiday Market. February 1st – 9th

Embrace the festive spirit and shop for the holidays as you explore an array of the finest fruits, flowers, decorations, and more, making this Lunar New Year truly special. Our market is not only a treasure trove of holiday essentials but also a culinary haven, featuring local vendors serving up the best in food, desserts, and drinks. Keep your eyes peeled for our vendor list, and join us in this bustling celebration of community, culture, and the joyous Lunar New Year festivities.

Colorado Observed State Holiday Lunar New Year 2024 Feb. 2, 2024

Celebration at the Capitol (Civic Center Park) Feb 3, 2024

Denver Lunar New Year Celebration

On June 2, 2023, Governor Polis signed HB23-1271 making Lunar New Year an official state holiday to be observed on the first Friday in February. Lunar New Year signifies a new beginning and this bill recognizes the value that the Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander (AANHPI) community brings for the thriving city of Denver.

Lunar New Year is a widely-celebrated holiday by many East and Southeast Asian countries. Traditionally, Lunar New Year is celebrated anywhere from January to the middle of February, following the moon phases.
As the first AANHPI event at the McNichols Building, the Lunar New Year Celebration will:

  • Honor centuries-old customs and foster a sense of togetherness and cross-cultural understanding in the state of Colorado
  • Celebrate AANHPI diversity and heritage in the spirit of the Lunar New Year
  • Learn the diverse and rich cultures from each AANHPI community, FREE for the general public

Join us for an art gallery, AANHPI marketplace, and AANHPI food trucks!

For details, visit our website at Instagram @denverlny For any additional questions, please email denverlny@gmail.com

Lunar New Year Spectacular Celebration February 10th-11th at the Far East Center

A flagship event including dynamic lion and dragon dance performances, cultural showcases, a kids’ traditional clothes fashion show, workshops, and an array of traditional foods and goods from local vendors.Event Day::

In addition to the main LNY events on the 10th and 11th at the Far East Center, likely Lion and/or Dragon Dance performances for the Lunar New Year, 2024, include:

  • Organization of Chinese Americans New Year Celebration
  • Brookdale Senior Center New Year Celebration
  • Empress Restaurant New Year Celebration
  • Viet’s Restaurant New Year Celebration
  • Multiple Far East Center Performances in recognition of the New Year
  • Pacific Ocean Market – Denver New Year Celebration
  • Clayton Members Club and Hotel New Year Celebration
  • Pacific Ocean Market – Aurora New Year Celebration
  • Pacific Ocean Market – Broomfield New Year Celebration
  • Lodge Casino New Year Celebration
  • Monarch Casino New Year Celebration
  • Denver Chinese School New Year Celebration
  • WOW Children’s Museum New Year Celebration
  • Primrose Pre-School New Year Celebration

Weeks 7 & 8 Best of the Lunar New Year Initiative (Most Requested Classes) Feb. 12-25  TBD

Finale: Lantern Festival City-wide Activities February 25, 2024

The Lantern Festival, also known as Yuanxiao Festival, is an integral part of Chinese culture that marks the end of the Lunar New Year festivities. With a history dating back over 2,000 years, the Lantern Festival has its roots in ancient legends and customs. It is believed to have originated during the Han Dynasty,

The Lantern Festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the first lunar month, when the night sky is illuminated with colorful lanterns of various shapes and sizes. The lanterns are a source of illumination and represent the wish for a bright and prosperous future. In addition to lanterns, the Lantern Festival is known for its delicious sweet rice dumplings called yuanxiao or tangyuan which symbolize family unity and harmony.

The Year of the Dragon Initiative Lunar New Year will culminate when we encourage folks to make their own lantern celebrations, gather with loved ones and allow the Lantern Festival spirit to bring communities together. It serves as a reminder of the importance of family, unity, and hope as the new year unfolds.

Archived information 12/01/21

July 7, 2021 – With the addition of state and local COVID-19 Safety Reopening Guidelines, some changes have been made to our program.

  • All inside classes are suspended, so bad weather will cancel any outside class. Zoom classes will be held instead.
  • All classes allow for extreme distancing.
  • No public restrooms or water fountains are currently available.
  • Please bring your own full water bottle.
  • Masks and bandanas are not required to be worn but must be accessible if needed.
  • All classes are open to beginners, but you must meet privately with instructors first.
  • Beginner classes and workshops are $95 per 4-week beginner series but require a private session first.
  • Private sessions are $75. However, we want to be compassionate in this time of monetary concern, so please discuss your situation with us in advance.

Please call 303.744.7676 to register and be sure to get into the right class for you.

Aurora Center for Active Adults

30 Del Mar Circle & 6th Ave.
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Tuesday  9:00 – 10:00 am  Five Elements Qi-Gong

Friday  9:00 – 9:45 am  Skilled (newer students may watch or follow along)

9:45 – 10:30 am     Beginner Workshops (must be registered – No Drop-ins)

(Outside: In front of center when summer weather permits)

***We are currently exploring outside options for the COVID-19 Friday Schedule. Please attend our Friday Zoom classes (register on the home page) and check out our East Denver Park Hill outside class schedule.***