May 20, 2020 -  For detailed COVID-19 Safety Reopening instructions to keep yourself and others safer during Tai Chi classes, please scroll to the bottom of the page.

Meditation in Motion-The Art and Science of T’ai Chi Ch’uan

May 20, 2020 Update: We follow all COVID-19 regulations with our outside extreme safe distancing Tai Chi classes. Everyone must bring a mask or bandana to wear in class if necessary. New students must meet privately with the instructors before being allowed to join any group classes.  Call Jacqui 303-725-7482 to arrange an initial session.

Experience for yourself the accumulated wisdom of centuries with the timeless exercise of Tai Chi Ch'uan. Improve your health and balance, feel more energy, and also, sleep better. Learn to use your Tai Chi principles to alleviate chronic stress and anxiety, and lessen everyday aches and pains. Step out of the ordinary and take the first steps on the road to a healthy longevity. The flowing meditative exercise of Tai Chi Ch'uan and Qi-Gong can be a powerful complement to medical intervention, and in many instances, may allow a physician to significantly reduce a patient's drug dosage or eliminate the need for medicine altogether. Get the benefits of exercise you need without the wear and tear of other forms of exercise.

Core Concepts from the Classics

To get the most out of Tai Chi Ch'uan and Qi-Gong, learning the form is not enough. The serious student must strive to understand and embody the core concepts in Tai Chi as laid out in the Tai Chi Classical literature. In analyzing the "Tai Chi Classics" literature we will define the 5 principles of mind-body coordination, and its effects on everything - from your sense of self to your immune response to disease.


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Beginner Workshops

Take a beginner workshop with one of our instructors

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Classes in Central/East Denver

Classes in Park Hill Neighborhood and at the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Classes in South Denver

Classes at Colorado Boulevard and Hampden and Classes for the University of Denver's Other Lifelong Learning Institute .

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Aurora Classes

Classes at the Aurora Active Adult Center

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Classes in Lakewood

Classes for credit at the Red Rocks Community College.

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Any Questions?

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Tai Chi Project General Instructions and Fees for Classes

May 20, 2020 - With the addition of state and local COVID-19 Safety Reopening Guidelines, some changes have been made to our program.

  • All inside classes are suspended, so bad weather will cancel any outside class.
  • All classes allow for extreme distancing.
  • No public restrooms or water fountains are currently available.
  • Please bring your own full water bottle.
  • Masks and bandanas are not required to be worn, but must be accessible if needed.
  • All classes are open to beginners, but you must meet privately with instructors first.
  • Beginner classes and workshops are $95 per 4-week beginner series but require a private session first.
  • Private sessions are $75. However, we want to be compassionate in this time of monetary concerns, so please discuss your situation with us in advance.

Those marked "Skilled" and "FLOW" are more difficult.
Newcomers can relax and follow along but need instructor clearance first.

Tuition per 13-Week Semester

 - Unlimited Classes  $195

One-time Registration Fee  $30

Ongoing students may register for 1 Class/week or 12 classes/3 months $108

Drop-ins are allowed ONLY with instructor permission $20

Register For a Class

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